January 25, 2024, at the Kaki Gunung Restaurant.

The Full Moon, or Purnama (Sukla Paksa), is a holy day to worship Ida Sang Hyang Widi in its manifestation as Sang Hyang Candra and Sang Hyang Ketu as the God of brilliance and to ask for holy light, perfection, blessings, and gifts of Hinduism in Bali. Joget Bumbung is one of the traditional dances and associations in Bali, usually this dance is performed at social events in Bali, such as weddings, in the season after harvest, and during holidays. This Joget dance became a social dance of the Balinese people, which later became a tradition. Joget Bumbung is also included as one of nine Balinese dances that have become the world’s intangible cultural heritage. This dance will be danced by our staff; she is Kadek Rita, our waitress and barista.