Dress Code

Wear appropriate swimwear and casual attire as specified by the club's dress code.

Do Respect Club Policies

Adhere to the club’s rules regarding behavior, smoking, and alcohol consumption.

Follow any age restrictions and entry requirements.

Do Maintain Personal Hygiene

Shower before entering the pool and use provided facilities to stay fresh throughout your visit.

Do Drink Responsibly

Enjoy alcoholic beverages in moderation and know your limits.

Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

Do Use Facilities Properly

Utilize pools, loungers, and other amenities responsibly and as intended.

Dispose of trash in designated bins to help keep the club clean.

Do Be Considerate of Others

Keep noise levels reasonable and respect the personal space of other guests.

Share common areas and facilities courteously.

Do Follow Safety Guidelines

Adhere to pool safety rules, such as no diving in shallow areas.

Follow instructions from lifeguards and security staff.

Do Report Issues

Inform staff of any spills, accidents, or unsafe conditions immediately.

Report any suspicious or inappropriate behavior.

Do Supervise Children

Ensure children are supervised at all times and keep them out of adult-only areas.

Do Enjoy the Experience

Relax, have fun, and make the most of the amenities and activities provided.


Don't Engage in Inappropriate Behavior

Avoid excessive drinking, rowdy behavior, and public disturbances.

Refrain from using offensive language or actions.

Don't Bring Outside Food or Drinks

Respect the club’s policy against bringing external food or beverages to ensure quality and safety.

Don't Ignore Lifeguard or Staff Instructions

Always listen to and follow the instructions of club staff, especially regarding safety and conduct.

Don't Leave Belongings Unattended

Keep an eye on your personal items to prevent theft or loss.

Use lockers if available.

Don't Jump

For safety reasons, don't jump in to the pool.

Don't Smoke in Non-Designated Areas

Respect designated smoking areas and avoid smoking where it is prohibited.

Don't Engage in Unsafe Behavior

Avoid running, rough play, or any activity that could result in injury to yourself or others.

Don't Bring Pets

Unless explicitly allowed by the club, leave pets at home.

Don't Overstay Your Welcome

Be mindful of the club’s hours of operation and leave promptly at closing time.

Don't Ignore Health Guidelines

Follow any health-related protocols, such as wearing masks or maintaining social distance, if required.


Rest and Relax

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