Danu Spa

Inspired by the Balinese language, ‘Danu’, which means lake, features 2 spa rooms with size area 60 m2. Our spa could be one of your options for relaxation from tiring activities in Kintamani. The treatment provided would represent being on the lake side.

Opening hours : 9 AM – 9 PM


Oculus Bali Kintamani invites all guests to embrace the day with a guided session of early morning yoga. Led by a certified instructor, this healthy lifestyle activity involves performing gentle stretching exercises with controlled breathing to promote physical and spiritual well-being. Regular practice ultimately reduces stress and encourages a more balanced way of life.

Rest and Relax

Inspired from materials in the mount Batur areas, Suite Mountain Lake View is …

Deluxe Lake View rooms provide a unique stay experience in Kintamani for you…

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