Oculus Bali

Kaki Gunung

The restaurant is located on the second floor, representing food of the Indonesian Archipelago and designed featuring a comfortable interior, where everyone is able to feel as if they are at the foot of Mount Batur. Also, Kaki Gunung has activities on the weekend to support local resources and creative communities around. This area is equipped with a heater and can host up to 70 guests.

Hours : 10AM-7PM
Cuisine : Indonesian Archipelago


  • 3 units high tables
  • 12 units chairs
  • 14 units panaromic stoles
  • 6 units arms chairs
  • 2 units round tables
  • 3 units one legged tables
  • 4 units stove tables
  • 2 units coffee puff-chairs
  • Seating: 70
  • Size : 400sqm